Our Mission and Ethics

Mission Statement
We help business owners attempt to realize more value from their businesses more tax efficiently.
We are a valued resource for CPAs and attorneys enabling them to better serve their clients and, where appropriate, provide their clients with skilled and trusted financial services, while maintaining the integrity of their client relationships.
We serve our Client’s financial needs by identifying potential problems and providing proven strategies, with the utmost integrity, dedication and skill.
We recognize that any success we might have is a gift that brings the responsibility of service to others, so we strive to make a difference within the communities we serve.

We do not provide legal or tax advice.


Statement of Ethics
As financial professionals, we recognize that we owe the highest level of duty to the constituents we serve.
To our clients we owe the duty of integrity. We strive to treat our clients the way we would like to be treated, to place their needs above our own, to serve them as we would like to be served, to hold their trust with the same loyalty that we would aspire to as with ourselves.
To the companies we represent, we owe the duty of compliance. We live in a world of regulation and oversight. We must provide forthright and correct information to these entities as well as accurately disclose terms, fees, conditions and expenses to those who choose to use the products and services of these entities. Not only must we do what is legal; we must do what is right.
 To the communities in which we live we owe the duty of service. Success brings the responsibility of working to make the environment in which we live a better place for all. This includes acting with integrity in our business affairs, lending of our time in support of community institutions, and the giving of our resources for the betterment of our fellows.